February 13, 2022 – February 27, 2022

Marketplace: Blockchain:

3,333 Chads are leaving their moms’ basements to build the greatest decentralized hedge fund in history. Inspired by the WallStreetBets community in moving global markets, the Chads are building the first ever community-ran investment platform, where Chad NFT holders can create investments proposals, vote, and decide on the fate of the treasury.

Key points: 

• 50% of funds raised at mint + 50% of royalties on the secondary market will be put into the community wallet for Chad holders to invest as a group. 

• Designed as the first Trade to Earn (TTE) NFT collection, Chads with successful investment proposals receive 5% of the profits. The remaining of the profits being reinvested in the fund and redistributed to the remaining holders.

Mint a Chad and become a shareholder in the glorious Corporation. But not just any Corporation…

A corporation that’d put the likes of the East India Dutch Company to shame:

Wall Street Chads, Corp.

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